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Roy Roberts, President/CEO

APC, Inc. - Roy Roberts
APC, Inc. - Roy Roberts APC, Inc. - Roy Roberts
APC, Inc. - Roy Roberts APC, Inc. - Roy Roberts
APC, Inc. - Roy Roberts
Roy Roberts started Alliance of Professionals & Consultants, Inc. in July 1993 after retiring from IBM. Roy has held management positions in medium-sized to large international corporations. He has extensive experience in professional services, consulting, and developing strategic Business Partner relationships with Fortune 500 firms.

Roy founded APC on solid core values which are anchored in APC’s strong commitments to it clients and employees. “Values are very important. It is one of the differentiators that APC’s clients associate with us. Because of APC’s skills and values, we have been fortunate to be associated with some of the finest business partners in the world.”

Roy strives to become a Strategic Partner with clients to achieve their business results. As a Strategic Partner, APC’s allegiance is to the success of the client - distinguished by a Results Orientation, Problem Ownership, Leadership, Team Player attitude, and State-of-the-Art Skills.

Results Orientation means that we begin with the final objective in mind, understand how decisions and actions impact the business results, take appropriate steps to address new demands, and try to exceed the client’s expectations.

Problem Ownership assumes that the client’s problems are “ours” and not just “theirs”. We seek solutions and assume accountability and responsibility for decisions.

Leadership exemplifies responsible, ethical, and honest behavior, respectfully challenging the status quo, expressing ideas using facts, logic, passion, and commitment in a way that leads others to share our perspective, shapes events, and makes things happen.

A Team Player works well with others and is willing to set aside personal recognition in the interest of attaining team objectives.

State-of-the-Art Skills keeps up with trends and best practices in the field, views professional development as an ongoing life-long process, and demonstrates exceptional job knowledge and expertise from the client’s perspective.

“These Strategic Partner associations with great clients have brought a great deal of success to APC. We continue to win awards identifying us as leading in various benchmarks. For those, we are very proud.”


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